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Welcome to the TCE Community

Why Us?

Our members are the top priority. Everyone is on a first name basis at TCE. You are not a number or dollar sign to us. We truly care about your success, and will reach out if you miss too many days. There is no judgement or exclusions in our community. TCE will without a doubt become a second home. 


24/7-365 is exactly what you get at TCE. Our doors are always open to our members. Can’t sleep, 2am and need to workout, TCE is open. Need to take some time off? There’s no hassle of printing off a form or calling into a corporate number. We do not have an 800 number or call center. If you need something, our team is ready to help.


Hit a personal best on the chest press? Best believe we will cheer for you. TCE wants each member to be successful in their journey to better health.

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We're confident that our 5,000 sq. ft. gym is more than enough to help you reach your goals. 

We have a comprehensive cardio lineup: treadmills; stair climbers; Rowing Machine; Ski Machine. 

Strength Training is convenient with us: large selection of free weight equipment; cable machines; plate loaded machines; TRX; sleds. 

Our custom designed studio is ideal for: posing practice; pilates; stretching. 

In addition to our indoor offerings, we also have a spacious outdoor area ideal for bootcamps and group training. 

But best of all, when the weather allows, we can guarantee that our overhead door is open, allowing for fresh air to fill the gym. 

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